Short documentary film on belonging as a refugee in depopulating Italy

Terra Incognita will transport you into a world unknown. The short film (30min.) is part of a triptych. An academic text provides a context and argument and the visual guide offers concrete information on daily life. The film was screened at various film festivals across Europe.

This immersive film makes you feel what it is like to be placed into an asylum system in a remote semi-abandoned valley. There is not much information, because the refugees also don’t get much information. You ‘meet’ different people only briefly which characterises a social world in a life on the move. Scene changes come suddenly, jumping between the banal everyday to more emotional experiences and memories. The film lacks a bigger narrative, and ultimately only offers brief moments of being with people in a place, thus resisting the ability to say that we – mere visitors to a world unknown – have understood a life not ours.

Meet Amadou, Gigino, Thompson, little Baraa and many more in this mosaic film. Quirky, emotional and humorous – just as human life.

LocationValle di Comino, Italy
Duration30 minutes
RoleFilmmaker (directing, filming, editing)
As part ofMSc Visual Ethnography, Leiden University
Supervised byDr. Mark Westmoreland