Visual Anthropology PhD study on depopulation in Sardinia, from an existential philosophical angle

This research is a study of world-making; of the many different ways in which people’s worlds are unmade and the intimate, outrageous and beautiful stories of how people are trying to make a world to which they can belong. It is an ethnographic, philosophical and artistic research study that builds on experiences during 15 months of research on-site in depopulating villages in Sardinia, Italy. The research asks: What does it mean to see one’s world unravel, to be surrounded by abandonment or confronted with an impending communal death? How are people entangled with their surroundings? What happens in the encounter with different worlds? And finally, how do people carve out possibilities for changing the world that surrounds them.

LocationSardinia, Italy
RolePhD candidate at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester