A visual legal ethnographic study with migrants in Morocco and the Netherlands with Leiden University

Europe wants to reach agreements with governments in North Africa on migration. What rights do migrants have and how do receiving countries and the migrants themselves act in practice? While asylum processes can easily take years, and many migrants fall in and out of having the right to stay in Morocco, there are three things that continues to happen; marriage, birth and death. This projects examines major life events and the ways in which migrants navigate the complicated legal frameworks.

The research results in a website that 1) documents the experiences of migrants through a range of videos and 2) offers inspiration and information for experiential research in legal studies, through documenting the research process in photos, videos and blogs.

LocationMorocco and the Netherlands
RoleVisual research and communciation consultant for Leiden University
In collaboration withDr. Nadia Sonneveld, Judith van Uden and Nada Heddane