Research on sexuality education

LocationKenya, Russia, Indonesia, Nepal
As researcher forButterfly Works
CollaborationUniversity of AmsterdamDance4life
Aboutsexuality, education, taboo, youth
MethodsLiterature review
Surveys (366)
Interviews (11)
Participatory research: photo observation (40), communication mapping (36), diary (18)

Dance4life, a worldwide organisation focussing on sexual health, commissioned Butterfly Works to conduct research into the delivery of sexuality education worldwide, with field research in Russia, Kenya, Indonesia and Nepal. With Butterfly Works I conducted this research in collaboration with Drs. Mark Hoeksma from the University of Amsterdam. We wanted to create insights by combining theory with youth’s daily experiences. We deployed a mixed methods approach including a literature review, surveys, interviews and participatory methods with youth in all four countries. I gave a research workshop to selected youth who then went out to conduct research activities in their own community. Through communication mappings, photo observations and diaries, we gained an insider perspective of young people’s lives.